Thursday, March 09, 2006

Email Sent to O'Reilly

I just sent an email to Mr. O'Reilly, requesting that he presents the petition on air:

Hi Mr. O'Reilly,

I am aware of your petition to fire Keith Olbermann and bring Phil Donahue back to his time slot. You have advocated this petition on-air. I don't feel that this is 'fair and balanced" to Mr. Olbermann, you are just presenting your side of the issue. Therefore, I have created a petition to "Fire Bill O'Reilly", and I feel that it would only be "fair and balanced" for you to air this petition on your show, therefore presenting both sides of issue, which is "fair and balanced." The petition is located at Please present this petition, as I feel that this is fair for Mr. Olbermann and supporters of his.

Thank you,
Vincent Richards


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