Thursday, March 09, 2006

Olbermann on "The Radio Factor"

A recent segment on MSNBC aired about Bill O'Reilly's encounter with a caller who mentioned Keith Olbermann's name. He said that he would turn his number over to Fox security, and they would contact his local authorities. Fox security left a message on the caller's answering machine. O'Reilly claimed that it was harrassment, but it sounds more like Fox is harassing the caller.

"The only person that's going to get in trouble here is Bill O'Reilly. He's lost the plot entirely. To think that you can commandeer local law enforcement to be your personal henchman because you don't like something a caller said on the air is absolutely outrageous and absurd. It's an abuse of the media, it's an abuse of law enforcement, and he's now the one engaging in threatening behavior. You can't do that. He's crossed the line," says Susan Filan, a former Connecticut state prosecutor.

"Now, Bill O’Reilly is threatening callers to his radio show who mention Olbermann’s name. Ted Baxter told uncooperative listeners that he'll turn their phone numbers over to Fox security, and that Fox security will in turn contact the local authorities."

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