Thursday, May 18, 2006

O'Reilly Blames NYC Mugging on "Mexican drug corruption"

On the May 17th edition of The Radio Factor, Bill O'Reilly described that his makeup artist "was mugged the other day; punched in the face" by "drug addicts desperate for money." He went on to blame the mudding on "Mexican drug corruption."

O'Reilly made this racist remark just one day after alleging that there was a "white power structure" and attacking the far-left for wanting to change this so called "white power structure", as we reported here.

O'Reilly seems to have a real racial vendetta against Mexico. During the broadcast, he claimed that "Mexico doesn't care about the United States." Other instances of O'Reilly's racism against Mexicans are:
This is just a few, as these only go back a couple of months. He has also referred to Mexicans as "wetbacks", a racial slur. O'Reilly will attack the "kool aid drinking left" for anything and everything, but he himself continues making racist remarks and downright lies.

Transcripts from Media Matters:

O'REILLY: You know, this immigration thing is very interesting because it -- it points out a lot of things, bigger issues that y'all should be aware of. You know, Mexico doesn't care about us. Mexico doesn't care about the United States. And, you know, it -- it -- we have to be friends with them. I mean, we just can't be enemies with them. But we're dealing with a country that is -- you know -- is so corrupt and so out of control that we -- you know -- we have to deal with them on a certain level. But we certainly can't let their corruption infect us, and it has, particularly with the drug trafficking.

You know, when you have the volume of narcotics, millions of tons of narcotics coming across the southern border -- if I'm the president of the United States -- that alone makes me put the [U.S. National] Guard on the border and not 6,000 guards. I would have 30, 40 thousand down there, because the damage that narcotics do to the fabric of society -- my makeup artist for the TV side -- I don't need makeup for radio, but some people say --

LIS WIEHL: Yeah, it would help.

O'REILLY: Yeah, thank you -- was mugged the other day; punched in the face in Greenwich Village. Now, who does that? Drug addicts desperate for money. So, this poor woman is walking down the street trying to support her little son, some guy walks up to her, punches her in the face and takes her purse. Now, nine out of 10 of these guys are drug addicts.

So, she is a victim of the Mexican drug corruption. And -- and -- and all you have to do is multiply that by 10 million and you see how all of this corruption in Mexico has infected our society. Yet, you have these pinheads in Congress -- see, they're not gonna get mugged. President Bush isn't' gonna get mugged. All right.


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