Thursday, March 16, 2006

Read on the Air!

I have sent Mr. O'Reilly many emails, but he finally read one of mine on the air today.

"Bill, while I agree Connor is letting people off too easy, it is not your job to say he is not fit for the bench." - Vincent Richards, San Francisco

He made some modifications from the original email that I sent him, as I hear he frequently does. Of the emails that I have sent to him, this one is the least critical of him, so surprise, surprise, he read it! He responded, lecturing me in a demeaning tone:

"Of course its my job Mr. Richards. I'm a news analyst whose mandate is to watch the powerful, and look out for the folks. The two kids who were raped are the folks. What exactly do you think we do here? "

My original email:
"Bill, while I do agree with you that Judge Connor is letting people off too easy, you have to remember that he is a judge, and if he is not fit for the bench, that is up to the proper Ohio officials, not you."

I've read that he frequently edits emails to make them sound more friendly towards him, as he obviously did here. Perhaps I was too truculent. :)


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