Saturday, April 22, 2006

O'Reilly's Latest Personal Smear on a Judge

On the April 18th edition of The O'Reilly Factor, O'Reilly launched his third personal smear campaign against a judge, despite his claim, "I don't do personal attacks here."

O'Reilly started out announcing that Arkansas and Nebraska had adopted Jessica's Law, adding them to his map of "child friendly states." He then attacked Judge John McCann of Massachusetts, a liberal state that O'Reilly commonly has a bone to pick with, for letting a child rapist off with probation and an ankle bracelet after fleeing probation and escaping to Florida. He brought on a mother of one of the molester's victims, who was telling her child's story, and taking her time doing so, which seemed to upset O'Reilly, so he seemed to rush her off so that he could ask the Fox News child advocate, " Does he (Judge McCann) sympathize with the rapists?"

For the opposing viewpoint, he brought on the Chair of the Massachusetts Bar Association, Ed Ryan, who was tackling O'Reilly with facts that he had a hard time refuting. Ryan also refuted the claims of Wendy Murphy, the Fox News child advocate, who was on earlier in the show. He also noted that he had already served his time for the rape, this was simply a sentencing because he violated his probation, and the D.A. had not even asked for more time, just 10 years of more probation or a tracking device that would tell his exact location at all times. To all this, O'Reilly angrily responded " Stop this legal mumbo jumbo!!", and he yelled "The judge should have given him 10 years!"

Although I admire Bill's work on getting Jessica's Law passed in all 50 states, I do not admire his presentation in doing so, using personal smears and "spinning the facts". O'Reilly tried to spin this to make it look like he was just given probation for molesting a child, time which he had already served, as this was just for breaking his probation. Good cause, poor presentation.

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