Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dealing With Nigerian Scam Emails

This doesn't have to do with Bill O'Reilly himself, but is a spoof of the Olbermann radio incident.

Everybody gets those annoying emails from people in Nigeria wanting you to assist in a financial transaction with millions of dollars, and claim they'll give you a large percentage. Needless to say, these are scams, but here's a way to deal with them and put Fox security on them.

I received an email from a young woman in Nigeria wanting me to assist her in retrieving $8 million from a European bank. When she asked for my contact information, I told her my name was Keith Olbermann, and gave her the number for The Radio Factor, and told her to call Monday-Friday between noon and 2 PM GMT-5 and ask for Keith Olbermann:

Hi Janet,

After reading your email, I am touched by you choosing me to help you with this. I'm glad to know that you can trust me. I would love to do this with you.

I currently do not have a phone at my home because of a mixup with the phone company, so you will have to call me while I am at work. It's a toll free number, because I work at a radio show. The number is
1-877-966-7746. You will need to call between noon and 2 PM Eastern time (GMT-5), on Monday through Friday (no weekends) if you want to get through to me. My name is Keith Olbermann. So when you call, ask for Keith Olbermann, and they'll transfer you to me. If you call outside of those hours, you'll just get a recording and you won't get through. Then we can talk and work out the details.

I am looking forward to talking to you. Please call as soon as you can, which would be on Monday between noon and 2 PM GMT-5. Thank you very much for coming to me, and I am thrilled to get to work with you and help you out. Also, I am very sorry about your father, he sounds like he was a great man.

Best Regards,
Keith Olbermann


Of course she'll never actually get onto the show, but the operator will get mad and maybe Fox Security will follow up on it, because she's harassing Bill.