Friday, May 19, 2006

Look Out Mexico: O'Reilly Threatens one of his Boycotts!

On May 17th of The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly threatened to launch one of his little boycotts against Mexico if they sue the United States government over allegations that the National Guard is directly assisting with the detaining of people from Mexico trying to illegally enter the United States - if it turns out to be true.

O'Reilly, to Ernesto Derbez, Mexico's foreign secretary:

"If the Mexican government files one lawsuit in the U.S.A., one, pertaining to the National Guard, I will call for a total boycott of Mexican goods and no travel to your country."

A few years ago, Bill started a "little boycott" against France. O'Reilly thinks that his boycott has made a big difference, so he also said to Derbez:

"And if you don't believe me or you think it doesn't matter, Mr. Secretary, why don't you give the French ambassador a call? He'll fill you in."

But here is a newsflash! Since O'Reilly's "boycott"against France, their imports to the United States have actually increased. According to these stats from the Foreign Trade Division of the U.S. Census Bureau:

2002 (the year before O'Reilly's boycott): $28.24 billion
2003 (the first year of O'Reilly's boycott): $29.219 billion
2004: $31.605 billion
2005: $33.847 billion

As you can see, France's exports to the U.S. have increased by more than $5 billion since the beginning of O'Reilly's boycott.

But a boycott on imported goods from Mexico would largely damage our economy, as Mexico is one of the largested exporters of crude oil to the United States, more so than Saudi Arabia. We also import a ton of oil from Canada, another country that O'Reilly has threatened with one of his little boycotts. Canada and Mexico are actually our 2 biggest sources of crude oil.

Top 5 countries we import oil from, according to Gibson Consulting:
Canada: 18%
Mexico 15%
Saudi Arabia: 12%
Nigeria: 12%
Venezuela: 10%

So it looks like Bill is trying to destruct our economy, and further drive up the prices of gas. I've emailed Bill about this, from another email address and a different name. Next time you watch, look out for a Nancy Stewart from Birmingham, Alabama, because it might be me. :)

Transcripts from Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O'Reilly:
Okay then, Mr. Secretary. Here’s a no-spin message right back to you. If the Mexican government files one lawsuit in the USA, one, pertaining to the National Guard, I will call for a total boycott of Mexican goods and no travel to your country. Now that might sound presumptuous and I don’t mean to be threatening, but enough’s enough. It is your government’s fault, sir, that there is border chaos. We in America have a right to security and a right to expect our immigration laws be enforced. So, once again, any action by the Mexican government that impacts border security in the USA will be met with a boycott call. And if you don’t believe me or you think it doesn’t matter, Mr. Secretary, why don’t you give the French ambassador a call. He’ll fill you in.


Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

The only boycott on Mexico I want to see is a boycott on their people invading our country.

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