Friday, March 24, 2006

O'Reilly's Attack on this Site

Once again, this is old news, but this blog wasn't around in November, so I'm posting it now. On the November 15th edition of The Radio Factor, in one of Mr. O'Reilly's tantrums, he had this to say about the so called "smear sites" against him:

"...And the smear sites who kind of tried to use this issue to drive it are now on the defensive. And you know who they are, you know who they are. And only Kool-Aid zombies are going to get involved with them anyway. And it was good. I mean, I wanted to show our affiliated stations, all 400 of them, I wanted to show our sponsorship, all the people who buy time on The Radio Factor, I want to show everybody exactly where this was coming from, who these people are on the far-left smear sites.

And they are anti-American people. They hate this country. They do. And if you read their garbage day in and day out, we're the bad guys. We're always wrong. Blame America first. That's who these people are on the far left on the Internet. And they are well funded by George Soros and Peter Lewis, the radical billionaires. They're as dishonest as they come. And you need to know about them. Even --

Because most people don't go to these sites. They don't read this crap. And you need to know they're out there, because what they do is they have minions in the elite media that they feed stuff to, and the minions run with it. And here's what I'm going to do, ladies and gentlemen, every minion that does that, every one is going to be exposed on The Radio Factor, the television Factor, and on our website, Every one who carries their water, I'm going to put their face up there, their name up there, and tell you exactly what they're doing. So you know in your town who's doing it. Enough's enough."

And on The O'Reilly Factor the same day:

The far-left smear websites, which support the anti-military movement, have developed an effective way to punish people with whom they disagree. And here's how it works: The smear sites print analysis that distort someone's position on an issue by taking it out of context, reporting humor as being serious, or flat-out lying about tone and substance. Then the smear sites urge their readers to email threatening words to sponsors or demand a firing, whatever. The Internet guttersnipes also contact sympathizers in the mainstream media, who then publish the Internet defamation, often without hearing the original remarks which are at issue. Remember, there's a huge difference between a written transcript and actually hearing what was said.

In the past, the smear sites have been somewhat successful using these dishonest tactics, but now the game's up. Anyone, anyone who carries water for these far-left sites will be exposed on this broadcast. Your right to know. The Internet -- the intent, I should say, of the smear sites is to intimidate free speech. This is not what America is supposed to be about. So the smear sites must be exposed. They have hurt the country dramatically.

So there you have it. Our left-wing San Francisco guest last night would not agree we're fighting a war on terror. And he's entitled to his opinion, but we are entitled to believe the opposite and to fight against dishonest ideologues. And I believe we're winning that fight.

Anyways, I find this pretty funny, especially his claims that I am anti-American and hate this country. O'Reilly thinks that everything that he says is automatically correct, and that for some reason, all these "smear sites" pop up, and are completely unjustified. In fact, since I do not agree with him, I must hate this country. O'Reilly loves our country, so if I do not care for Mr. O'Reilly, I must be anti-American. I love America, I just cannot stand O'Reilly.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

O'Reilly never said that you did not love this country he said that you were a smear merchant. You do whatever to divour the character of those you hate by smearing their character. When you say that stuff it certaintly prooves that you definitely hate this country and is working with the enemies both here and abroad to destroy us. You are the enemy within and you should be brought up on charges of treason.

2:28 PM  
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