Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Email Sent to O'Reilly

I sent Bill O'Reilly an email yesterday, I hope to see it on the show tonight.

Remember that Vincent Richards was blacklisted by Bill O'Reilly, so I'm using a fake name, Nancy Stewart:


The New York Times is doing its journalistic mandate by reporting the facts about the monitoring of domestic and international bank transactions. They first broke the story on the NSA wiretapping, and at first the public was led to believe that it was nothing big, we soon found out that they had records of every phone call made by millions of innocent Americans, causing a public outrage. Now, we are hearing that the monitoring of domestic and international bank transactions is small-scaled and limited to people with suspected terrorist connections, but how do we know that? The Bush administration has never been straightforward in the past, why should be believe that they are being straightforward now? 1984 is becoming all to true.......

Nancy Stewart
Birmingham, Alabama